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Pond Cleaning Service

We carry out a professional pond cleaning service & can clean any sized pond, no matter how mucky. When your pond has become overgrown & silted up with years of fish waste then we can give it an overhaul so your filter system can function again without struggling.

All ponds from natural to koi
Can hold 6000ltrs of your pond water to reuse
Fish are kept calm in our large holding tanks to reduce any unnecessary stress
Liner & waterfall cleaned & hosed down to remove the last of the dirt
All pond plants are trimmed up & re-potted as needed
The pond pump & filter system is overhauled
A de-chlorinator is added when tap water is used
Your pond will then be at a point to be maintained easily

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Pond Maintenance Service

We can carry out regular maintenance to your pond to suit your needs from monthly, quarterly or just a yearly visit.  All in the aim to keep your pond in tiptop condition as without maintenance it can soon become a handful.

•  Pond hoovers are used to reduce the build-up of any silt
•  Regular maintenance to your filter equipment
•  Trimming & potting up of overgrown pond plants
•  Pond pumps cleaned & overhauled
•  Waterfalls cleaned
•  Unwanted pond algae controlled
•  Water quality check
•  Need new equipment then we can supply & install filters, pumps, UV’s etc…

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Pond Repair Service

If your liner has perished, split, sunk unevenly and leaking due to your local heron or when your pond is looking tired & showing signs of age. We can fix, re-pair, renovate or build you a brand new one.

• From fixing a simple leak to a complete re-line
• All types of ponds from Natural, Rock based, Raised brick, turfed & paving edged ponds,   Koi and more
• All materials/linings used from Rubber & PVC linings to preformed fibre glassed &   plastic to concrete ponds

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