Pond Filtration

We clean ponds from 50gls upto 10,000gls throughout Sussex all year round.

This can make or break a pond. Often over looked as people are not aware of the importance of a good quality filter system in helping with maintaining a healthy balance within the pond. A hard to maintain or inadequate system which is difficult or unpleasant to use will leave you uninspired to maintain it.

These are the most common issues we come across with fish pond filtration:-

1. Mismatched equipment.

2. Undersized equipment for the size and quantity of fish in the pond.

3. Pour installation making maintenance difficult or the equipment does not function properly.

4. The wrong type of filtration for the pond so not effective at filtering the waste in the pond.

5. Wrong advice about frequency of maintenance and how to carry out the maintenance for a particular type of filter.

You can spend all the money in the world on the best filter system, but if installed poorly or inadequate maintenance carried out you will get disheartened with the results. Unfortunately this is an area where everyone is an expert and poor advice is rife. We pride ourselves in spending time with you the customer by running through practical demonstrations with your newly installed equipment. Most importantly we make sure before you purchase anything you fully understand what you are buying and what maintenance is required.


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