Pond Maintenance

Spring and Autumn/Winter overhauls for vegetation and filters

We carry out pond maintenance all year round and tailor this to your requirements. Please see the following options to give you an idea of what we can offer:-

Our two main callouts are for:-

1. Once a year spring time filter system overhaul :- Through winter filter systems stop functioning due to falling temperatures. As with all filters they rely on colonies of bacteria to break down fish waste. Through the colder months they die off. The spring filter overhaul removes all this dead material ready for the start of the warmer months to come. We generally coincide this with the renewal and replacement of the UVC lamp in the filter as they need to be changed at least yearly to make sure your pond water stays clear. We also overhaul the pond pump and waterfall and with this you are ready for the up coming season.

2. Autumn/Winter overhaul :- This time of year the weather is starting to draw in and the pond is beginning to shut down for the colder months to come. Our main job here is to cut down and remove vegetation as your pond plants start to die back. This also a good time to net your pond to reduce leaf fall collecting in the pond. More often than not whilst we are there we clean and overhaul filters, pumps and waterfall.

For those who like us to visit more often to help with the up keep of there filter systems through out the year we can visit as often as monthly to quarterly. We can also go that extra mile and reduce the waste/silt that is building up in the pond with the use of a pond hoover. We would recommend this done at least quarterly to have effective lasting results.


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