Pond Repair

Renovate or upgrade your existing pond.

We carry out a lot of renovations of tired old garden ponds, either due to the pond liner coming to the end of its life span or has become damaged beyond repair. This is a great time to rectify past building mistakes and also to make improvements. The work we do here is similar to our construction work but instead of building a brand new pond we are working within the constraints of the existing pond. We renovate all forms of pond from, concrete, raised, rock edged, informal ponds, brick, slab, grass, sleeper and more edged ponds.

This is a great time to :-

1. Re-level the pond to reduce visible liner and improving the aesthetics.
2. Deepen, shallow or enlarge the pond.
3. Upgrade or renew the filtration system.
4. Put in a good quality pond lining.
5. Improve or install plant shelving.
6. Change the surrounding paving, construction materials to re-freshen the look of the pond.
7. Make the decision of who or what the pond pond is intended for fish or wildlife and make the improvements to suit. Do it right and the pond will work and last for many more trouble free years to come.


1. We also repair pond linings patching holes, chewed pump cables, split pond hosing, leaking waterfalls and much more




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